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heya people. :) i still found a few people who came by here but i already move to Great-titude :) my personal blog while Sower Of Cheer is my blog for reblog. have a nice day.


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I'm shutting down blogspot in a few days time. sorry to let you know this. but as u can see i have been very lazy to update consistently :) and another reason is I'm in love with tumblr. so yeah. tumblr ftw now. it is an addiction to me that i can't avoid. LOL. see u in tumblr then. visit me at sower of cheer :) see u there.

oh, merry christmas 2011 and happy new year 2012 people. have blast and enjoy the moments while you still can. 

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heya people =D day 23: thoughts on love  has done. just post it up. errmmm. down in my archive actually.
but never mind just click the link above and you can read it. but warning you first, its my thoughts and i never intend to advise stuff about relationship. and i dont think im qualified for that. ha. enjoy. more posts coming up soon tho.

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exam was over 2 weeks ago. so these 15 days were spent having gathering with friends, partying, window shopping, having fun and resting. i procastinate so much that i feel guilty now. things were so much easier if i have done half of it before trial. i mean those applying universities procedure.

few more weeks left before im heading back to HOME. i cant wait to eat all those favorite foods of mine. of course cant wait to be at home reading and accompany mom and talk endless things with dad. 

i hope all the problems about my uni next year as well as my accomodation thingy can be settled as soon as possible. i guess time is up for me to get back to work. i have to buck up now dont i?

and of course so many many things that i need to post up.

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today is a special day to me n to all of us :)

eleven.eleven.eleven 11.11.11

my favorite number!!!!!!! XD

n also considered as an important day =D

i just want to blog about this because its eleven!!!! hahaha hope u enjoy this rare day as it happens once in a century ;) and have a blast LOL

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sorry for the late of updates. im currently in sitting for my final exams of 3 weeks. kind of unfair. those science students suffer 2 weeks of tortures, while me n fellow classmates are suffering 3 weeks of torture. well, looking at the bright side, i have done 2 papers so 3 more to go. n tomorrow is MATHS. omg.

so many things to say yet so little time to type it out.


SAM is ending in a 2 weeks time. and thus my life chapter of SAM.
it taught me alot of things tho.

ok. i should continue studying. not typing or rambling :P

PS: i miss my blog
PSS: i miss typing out stuff that i want to say, i want to yell and yeah share with ya =D

its gonna end soon

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my life in SAM is coming to an end tomorrow as in tomorrow will be the last day of studying together with my awesome classmates. i know i might be crying inside but still will cry alone tho :P lol. i never thought time passes so fast. i always tell myself that i must cherish everything at the moment for it will be gone someday. nah, it is coming to an end very soon. i regret for not living on it more than i hope for.

i just hope all of us still can keep in touch in future for all of them have left their footprints in my life. they are way too awesome to be missed. argh. i will definitely miss them even though we know one another for only 10 months.

tomorrow will be a remarkable day in my life. one of the most precious day to be able to forget. a day where i will reminisce back in future.

dear E7 mates,
if you are seeing this i mean reading this, i want to tell u something.
you guys make my life livelier :)
good luck mates. you guys are awesome!

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I was reading one of my high school junior's blog. he has just finished his PMR.
after reading his daily bits, i was brought back to the time when i was done with this PMR stuff.
I remembered a few good friends of mine and I went to chill straight after the last paper. ;) we went to sing k, watch movie and took some photo.

It was 3 years ago. I even remembered some moments of Post-PMR. there were so many fun and happy moments. on the last day of school, we get to play some games. yeah. the whole class.
during that year, my friends and I hang out a lot despite those PMR pressure u get. we mostly went to badminton and swimming every weekends. haha.

I even remember when 2 of my good friends and I went to Singapore. our first trip :)
Esther and Ling, if you are reading this, we haven't gone back to that place. that ice-cream stall. the mixed awesome ice-cream. we said we would go there again. and i think we should!!! hahaha.

SAM life is approaching to an end in a week time. another week of studying and a week of study break then finals.
I miss my high school life and I will miss my SAM life even more. living with good friends and getting to know so many people here and of course my great classmates I could not bear to leave this life when I start to get used to it now. and after I get so comfortable with this environment, habits and life, I have to start all over again next year. I wish I have the same or even better luck next year to be friend with some reliable and awesome friends I have right now.

I think I will make a post about my SAM life ;) since I seldom talk about it here. soon after finals.
(so many posts need to post)

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u must have been waiting those 4 posts that i always say I will post it up soon. don't worry, I will definitely post it up soon before end of the year. hahaha. promise :D

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still remember that 25-days challenge post??? i still haven't posted 4 of it. HA! I'm working on it now  :)