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Sunday November 16, 2008

It was an embarrassing Sunday when i went to Johor Jaya sports complex to actually see my friends played badminton.. which was actually i was borrowing Sim's PSP to play his Harvest Moon.. After they had actually finished their game n ready to had a bath... i was drinking this H-2O energised drink and when i was kicking the door, it is my habit..
The door slammed back to me and had slap my face.. Ouch!! Boys outside, Jovan, Shi Bin, and Poon were sitting there were Laughing Out Loud.. N u can imagine how embarrassing was i that day... Moreover, they even discussed it in school the next day with their gangs!!!!
Probably that Sunday is really not my lucky day.
I went to swim later at 2 PM with Angela sis.
We swam for one and half hour and it started raining and thundering...
we wait for half an hour and continue our swimming...
the thunder was like keep on yelling..
we got up again and give up for waiting..
we (Angela sis n i) went for sauna..
it was my first experience and its REALLY hot!!!
actually the rules said that it is for 18 and above
who cares man..
my look already look 19 ~

Monday November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Grandma!!

It was usual Monday I had after PMR
it was during Chinese lesson so a group of us who do not taking chinese were going to this room where you are only allowed to STUDY
So, when we ( Esther and I) were going to,
we saw a group of Form 2 gurls wearing PE shirt and played table tennis..
In Instance,
we said, " How come they can play table tennis today and right in this moment "
As we continue walked,
we saw a photographer.
You Know Who Is Photographer???
is a person who is taking Their Photo!
Hello People,
Do you know how they play table tennis??
they were like playing badminton..
and it was going to put in our school brochure!
n my reaction was,
"Dun they know that me n some of my friends are from table tennis club? "
ok, kinda jealous cus we r betta
its nothing wrong...huh?
Time passed on and u know wad?
Ms. Alin came to us and asked us to go with her...
so we were like, ok.. I'm going to help you..
she was saying that she need our help to act a bit in the Music room..
Music room?? in my school? i neva heard of it before..
and the music room only contained of ONE piano..
we were shocked!!!
Before that we hoped that they asked us to act but at that moment,
i realised that i had hold my breath for few seconds...
me and Esth have to sit on the pianist chair, first me then Esth...
And neither me nor Esth is pianist for your information..
And my advise to you is
" never ever wish for unnecessary things "

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Jonathan Quek

I had chem today and spotted my chemistry


if i had camera i would snap it for you to see,

How Cute my Chem teacher is


one of my besty, Andrea The Tigress

wearing braces.

Sooo cute of her...

Wednesday November 19, 2008

It was the last day for my PE lesson..

and it was really fun

we had volleyball game


how i missed it, when me and a bunch of my friends in my hometown play volleyball every single day...

Thursday November 20, 2008

I really sleep so well that

I woken up by Yan Wei when she was going back..

Ooo... I sleep a lot lately...

At last,

I finished reading Brisingr the third book of Eragon..