Good Morning

Sunday, November 16, 2008 @ 10:46 AM | (1) comment/s

Hi ! Hi !
What a great morning today. Sun shine through my room's window had woken up me in my sweet dream.. ( rubbish, huh? )
So how about you all?? Still sleeping now??? or online-ing?? or maybe ejoying late-breakfast?
HA HA HA I have eaten my breakfast and just came back from church ^^ so the conclusion is I'm a morning
ok, wadever it is...
I'm excited
I'm going for swimming later at 2 PM with Angela sis
Before that I'll go for badminton...
However, I just get nagged from my guardian for a-day-full-of-activities topic..
For whatever she had said, it will not ruin my day cus im used to it already.
Then, how about you? What is your plan for today??? should be sleeping till 2 PM or continue study for SPM esp those Form 5 students???
Anyway, Good luck to all my seniors... Jia You.. and do your best..
Days in school are quite boring...
Hiks...still remembered when i was still in my hometown... SOOOOO much freedom i have after exam... we had volleyball, football and basketball competition for each class... but not here... not in my I-can't-revealed-the-school-name-here.. It's totally opposite.. And of course i can see why our beloved principal so worried about our future and had destroped 1/2 of our tenage-hood...LOL
At least i still have my loveliest childhood back when i was in primary school...
Compared to my top-secret primary school, i pity their childood.. They can't enjoy the once-lifetime-momentous..
whatever the school im into now,
i can't totally dislike it
i like the teachers and the way they teach and share the knowledge..the teachers here are all experienced... i mean not all, is majority...
here we reached the end
got to prepare to go..

flo eleven ;p

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