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Hello People
How'ya days?? It's holiday season and those who live in north will encounter snow.. wah!! I neva touch snow before, to be frank to you.. HAHAHA.... and those who live in equator line like me will experience strong sea breeze from north... It is cooling.. So wad'ya plan ? Having holiday to overseas like some of friends or getting courses to catch up ( it's rare ) or just at home playing computer games like me.. Having those private moment whole day in your dull room and facing the computer with ear plug and songs played so loud ??
But mine different from you.. I still could control my time.. Practised discipline finally has paid off.. I still wake up at around 7 am and sleep around 12 am.. At least i have more than 6 and the half hour of sleep and at the reasonable time to sleep... and I'm reading.. ^^

So,in this month of Descember we have the most wanted movie. Twilight. right ? Same with me.. I have been waiting this movie ever since i read the first page of Twilight... Anyway, those who live in Malaysia should have watch this movie and i think Malaysia is the soonest one to have Twilight in their cinema.. But Im now not in JB.. I plan to watch it later in Singapore..
I think the author of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, is an awesome lady who can wrote such a fantasy story that had brought both boys and girls to wonder.. ( beside from JK.Rowling )
Furthermore, this month has 3 occasion that quite a glamour occasion for the whole world.
1. First of Descember - AIDS day
2. 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY - anyone of you has prepared your xmas present for your dearest and the xmas tree??
3. 31st - New Year Eve - All of us will definitely celebrate this.. whenever, wherever and with whoever YOU WILL.. ' forget the past prepare for the future ' - fLo11 ^^

It means Descember is the most wanted month for me ( i didn't know about you ) because it has uncounted sale in every store u see.. I don't bluff (:

So, what's to wait for now?? grab your wallet and headed to any stores u most wanted..

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