Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 9:25 PM | (1) comment/s

hi jb-ers,
I'm so sorry that I have been so lazy this month.
I was like got no chance to online n once i online-ed i have nothing in my mind.
Well, first day of school ( back to 5th Jan) I was really scared n thanks god i had prepared myself to face it.
Moreover, my English was like dumb..God i can't speak fluently n my vocab was lost somewhere behind my brain...
Anyway, that was like past to me now. I'm celebrating Chinese New Year here in my hometown.
And I really want to work hard. I mean it. I REALLY MEAN IT. Even though I still watch gossip girl now^^ because I still love it.
3 more days, I'm going back to school. N I'll continue next time.