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Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 12:01 PM | (0) comment/s

Actually i got stuck in this making new layout.. and i think i need to get aspirin haha.. received a comment from my besty to keep posting.. hehe ^^ sorry.. for being absence so long... had been checking up others blog where i learnt a lot n c others work as well.. by the way, days here are suck... sunny day for almost one month n i need rain!
I think I really need a camera... and i have tried hard to save half of my pocket money..
After reading and see through Teen Vogue March'09 edition, i felt in love all the shorts and some of the shirts.. well, i think i will shop a lot of clothes this year..
Upgrading blog is the hardest think i know.. its so complicated.. just please forgive me im still a beginner.. haha..
my facebook profile is quite sucks.. and friendster profile get fewer people to view on me nowadays...
sometimes i always wish that i born in States and i Live in NY.. It is because the live their is so so so nice and there are rows shops and people there get to be materialistic which is why i dislike it...
Just reelised i havent do my english compo and biology homework..

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