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Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 12:50 PM | (1) comment/s

A short blog will describe who am i

i love my name
and i am me
outsiders more think of me as proud and elegance
Im not
I'll show my true color when im in the relax mood and i will let my hair down and be crazy^^
I admit myself as proud and bossy
yeah, even my sis cant stand my bossy attitude..
and I really proud of myself
part of it is because
i come from a good family
i had a lot of experiences in schol life thingy
i am not fat but just getting a bit plumer these few days
i am not short and just average
i wore heels
friends said i got long legs
i have long fingers but short nails
not bad in music
good in household, just need to sharpen my culinary skill
dare to deal with crowd
i have my own sinist smile
beauty smile
and hi smile
most of all, my name is outrageously beautiful
i am elegance in some ways
and yeah, i think of myself a kind nice and loyal friend
and i got the look

Sometimes i like to play with my look and wardrobe
i will dressed up myself as a mature lady
and behave lady-like
however i get this bored and now

i would prefer sunny girl..
maybe because i was born in summer and live in an island before and love beach
i get into surfer paradise and roxy clothes now
spend my time swimming more often so that i can get tanned
I had tanned last November but it faded for one whole month cus i din maintain the tanned

i like travelling to beautiful places or
reading a novel and have a cup of mocha at coffee bean
it looks really vintage
and i love vintage

talking bout vintage
i saw a vintage jeans in singapore plaza last year.. and it cost hundred dollar.. and now i want it..

well, i love my family
we hardly ever reunion now
my sis is in jakarta and me is at here jb
parents often busy so i really missed it

i like sushi
red wine
but i havent tried vodka before
cus i still underage
however im goint to be 17 tis coming summer


outside is so hot i would prefer to stay at home and drinka glass of watermelon juice
see ya

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