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Sunday, March 15, 2009 @ 6:26 PM | (0) comment/s

Well, have been long time i did not personally do my blog only posted songs and pics.

Im in my mid term break and had headed back to my home sweet home in an island.

It cannot deny that your home is the best home ever.

I'm trying hard to be more dilligent and memorise my speech for my ujian lisan next week. It is sucks and Bm is undescribeable.

and listening to loads of songs while playing some games.. HA ! HA ! and talking about songs..


She is not my all time favourite idol, but she is still in my top list of the best and talented singer.
I knew her from my sis back when i was still in primary 4 or 5. That time my sis was so obsessed with her by listening to her songs repeatedly. So no doubt the fever was passed on [ just like her voice and songs ].

Her latest album Circus had beat the top chart and today one of her song her song in this album probably is going to ban by 'authorities'.

If You Seek Amy has other meaning. It is a very creative idea from this singer and the songwritter. Moreover this songs rhythm is very very high [ means happy ].

Just wanted to Congrats Britney of her latest achievement.

I will be waiting for
Brit's another album