11 / 2 / 2009

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This was an essay that i have written to my English teacher. I got a good comment. It said, " Excellent Story. "

Something was not right when i got back from school yesterday. I went to school and did my usual things with friends, practised volleyball very Friday after school. I was really tired of the match my team had assigned to. I walked back home with my sweat-drenched tee shirt and pants. As I dragged myself, I felt something bad. When I reached the gate, I sensed something had gone wrong. At this hour, my dad's car would be there, my brother's bike would be slammed against the wall and my mom would be watering her beautiful garden. But nobody was there, my dad's car was not at its place and my brother's bike was still in the garage.

I opened the door and found myself in an eerie house. I say an envelope with a letter which addressed to me. I flipped out curiously as i put down my trainee bag and keys on the sofa. It said :

" Laura, your brother and i went to hospital. Your mom met an accident this afternoon. I couldn't contact your mobile so I think you'd better stayed at home and make yourself a dinner.
I was numbed and shocked. My mom was detected to have tumour in her ovaries a few weeks ago by a specialist. It was on the third stage. And we were preparing for her surgery which fell on next Friday. But my mom probably was at ICU because my mom was an anemic patient. How could my mom met an accident since she did not drive her car today? I could not move my muscle and I just sat there wondering and remembering all the memories I had shared with my mom.
Sobs and tears and word of courage were spreading around me. I was wearing a black Alexander Wang dress and a pair of Chanel over shade. I was at my mother's funeral with my dad and brother. All the relatives and my mom's close friends and colleagues were here listening to the priest's grace. Tulips were scattered on the coffin. All the females had their eyes watery and I just could not believe myself that my mom was dead. The specialist and surgeon could not help her. I was there when the doctor told us the news. My brother came home at midnight to take a bath and brought me to hospital. On the way to hospital, my brother had told me the whole thing.
My mom went to bakery and her car was crushed by an underage driver. Police found out that the driver was out of control while driving. My mom was sent to ICU and then the doctors discovered that her heart had slowed down. After that, the doctors checked her and told my dad that my mom needed a surgery right away. All the nurses got ht blood supplied to the surgery room after every few hours. And when I reached there, I saw my dad swollen eyes. I knew that he was sad to lose my mom just like me and my brother.
As the priest had finished the prayer, I went up and started my speech.
" The Lord has given to me a very kind and caring mother. She was there when I learned how to walk and stand. She was there to listen to me about my school days and friends. She accompanied me to go to my first day of school, music exam and shopping. She has a good ear to listen to my complains. And she was there every time I played for my team. She never said she was tired of everything. She was with me last morning, sitting around the dining table and talking about the school stuff and now she is lying down inside there. Things happen so fast I'm still shock and I blame myself for not treasuring the last morning I had with her. And now I can't bring myself to go back home when I know that something is missing and will never return. I am hoping God will giver her an us a second chance. But, I realised that her time is up."
I walked down from the stage and saw many of the females shedding their tears, remembering their time spent together with my mom. And secretly a drop of tear came out from my red watery eyes since last night. Then people started to pay their last respect to my mom by putting on her beloved tulips.
My dad drove us home and nothing came out from out mouth. Each one of us was sinking into our memories with my mom. Things were changing without my cheerful mom now. I missed you, mom. I wished you could listen to me from there. And thanks a lot. Slowly, I realised that I had to go on with my life even though my mom was not with me anymore.
This story was only fiction. Nothing had any relation with any one's life.
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