30 April 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009 @ 4:24 PM | (0) comment/s

It was raining today during the middle of Histz lesson. It's quite fascinating during Histz period perhaps because The Cow was absent today that we could say anything about her freely. Heard that she went to Ballet exam,hope that she only get pass hahaha.. how bad am I. Not as bad as them. So you just imagin how peaceful the class was today. No Cow means no TRAFFIC .
What traffic doing here?? mind you, is just that traffic jam is very noisy and sound pollution.
Hope that she did not happen to see this blog or else there will no end of history.. I think I'm getting cruel nowadays. but frankly, she makes people irritated.

Chemz was not so excited as last week. We only did 2 quite lame experiments. Prove the lemon has electric current by put these copper plate and zinc plate connected to what you call ammeter and voltmeter? issit multimeter??? i have forgotten. and dilute sulphuric acid.

By the way, class position was out this morning and I was really dissapointed with myself. Couldn't I just be better in academic?? I missed the glory that i felt last time. going to work hard NOW !