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Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 4:44 PM | (0) comment/s

I never say my life is dull or unhappy. Perhaps last time i would. but now for me life is totally adventurous. Everyday, you could see anything different. which angle did the wind blow or how tall is the lotus now? Observing nature is definitely interesting. Every morning when i am waiting for the bus to fetch me to school, it is the time for me to reflex and observe. Even though there is lots of cars as the sun rises.

Perhaps in our daily life we always do our duty regularly, makes our brain to be bored of the activities. however, for me now is concentrating studying to pursue what i have dreamed for so many nights.
I may not that persistent but i will practise this emotion to become my habit.

Just visited my ex-omega friend. Stephanie Ko. I still like to call her Steph. her blog. well, i think she has build a good life there. I still miss her alot. her absence means no more fun for me. I still could remember how we became friend. It was 3 years ago, when we were form 1. It was a few days toward my school sport's day and i did not had friend in the same house with me that time. So, I urged myself to approach her for i heard that she was also in red house as mine. I ask her whether i could join her or not. From that day onwards, we became friends till we were classmate 2 yrs ago, Form 2. Slowly, we became pals. gud pals. although many thing happened and sometimes our relitionship was dark. But at last we also friended again.

well, steph i really miss u. FOI

exam days and result days had almost passed. only moral i haven't got the mark. means that soon im getting back my report card. I have already talked to my guardian about this and they just told me to study hard and im not going to let them down so I really do my best right now.

~ ended here ~
I do not want to tire my eyes..
see ya~