Im anti-Miley Cyrus and anti-Vanessa Hudgens.. No offense, Im just giving my unsatisfied feeling

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 12:27 PM | (0) comment/s

I'm not her big fan or just like her. The first time I saw her few years ago in this Hannah Montana show at Disney Channel, I was totally -.- OMG.. She is not a typical girl that I would not like but critic her. I could not imagine why she could be a star right now ? Tell me what ARE her talent ?? and tell me what ARE the things that she attract you ???

I am not against you to watch her show. but I personally do not like her since the first time i saw her in Disney. The next time i saw her show i will automatically change to another channel. Although there might be nothing to watch, I will just switch off the TV.

She is not the thing that i will say good. She is not a role model. but Teen Vogue a magazine that I love and respect so much has put her as the cover for the next month issue. And i'm quite upset.

A few months ago, Teen Vogue was also put this girl as the cover. Vanessa Hudgens. She is ok until she gives me an impression that she will tag her boyfriend every second. She is also another non-role-model.

Perhaps that incident had happened long time ago. but this thing had been give me a bad impression of her. Her naked photo. She is absolutely unforgiveable for this thing. Don't she know that there are millions of people watching her ??