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1. Why did you choose (your site name)?
sowerofcheer.. cus i love this phrase... and so far my life full of cheer.

2. What is your favorite colour combination so far?
chocolate and gray... its unique

3. Who is your favorite friend online? Why?
erm... esther, Ling, Tigress Ting, Sim and many more..... cus there are things that we can talk..^^

4. Who is your favorite chat-mate?
Ling and Esther.

5. How many boyfriends have you had since birth?
erm... 4.

6. Do you have a boyfriend?
now? nope. I'm single.

7. When was your first kiss?
it's personal.. and happened long time ago.

8. What was your feeling?
hahaha... warm and wet??? everyone is differs

9. What country did you come from?
im now living in Malaysia

10. Then what’s your nationality?

11. What’s the official language?
bahasa Indonesia

12. How many languages can you speak?
English, Indo-Malay, Malaysia-malay & Chinese

13. Are you proud of your country?
yeap even though there is so much rasuah..

14. What’s your hairstyle?
layered cutting and almost until waist length.

15. What’s your beauty style?
eherm.. its a secret that i shall not reveal.

16. What’s your clothing style?
T-shirt and short or jeans

17. Anything else you want to say?
The weather is way tooooo hot nowadays

18. Tagging? esther, Ling, Zhi Huey, steph if u happen to drop by and tigress ting