I Got the book ! And Ling Found Her 'Love At The First Sight ' wakakaka

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Tigress Ting, Ling and I went to Jusco. We went there by bus. wuhoo... because we wanted to learn independent. It is not dangerous, in fact if you careful enough you would never feel insecure ( just don't travel alone at where you did not know well)

We were in this bus stop and awaited for about 40 minutes. There was a guy waiting for a bus, too. We guessed that he was about 20 years old. It was Ling first who started the conversation.

" Where are you going? " in Chinese language.

" JJ, Johor Jaya. " he replied.

The moment he said it we were like Oh-Uh-Ah-ing.

" We were also going there " Ting said.

We end up waiting together and had missed one bus which drove so fast that we missed it.

Let me describe about this guy. He was a type of guy who share almost similar character with Kok Wei. A quiet and not talk so much one.

During the waiting for the bus to come, we chatted a bit. He was going to his 'Father de jia' at Dedap there. The funny thing was, when we asked him why he went to Dedap then he answered " wo yao cu wo de father de jia " in his Perak slang. we were like HAH ?! Father? hahaha..

At first, we thought that he came from Singapore. You know you can see the person's face where he came from plus how he talked and with what slang he talked.

After about forty minutes, we get into the same bus. We stopped at Jusco and he stopped at Daiman Bowling. We said our good-bye as the bus went off.

Jusco Tebrau City was crowded with people there. We went to have our lunch at Macau Express. The food was nice. I like the chicken wing very much. Then we continued with a little bit of window shopping. Actually, we wanted to play the basketball throwing but we saw a man with a very high score and with a pro skill. We were stunned and you know, we stood there, watched and decided not to play. So that we would not lose our pride.
We went to Harris. It's a bookstore in Jusco Tebrau. Ling and Tigress Ting headed to CD-Rom. And me, of course those who knew me well, will know where I will go first. The first place was The New Arrival then Bestseller. After that, I went to the most and foremost favourite Self-Enrichment and Leadership departments.
I could spend hours at these departments as long as I had no time limit. We were at Harris for a few hours then we headed to the exit as Tigress Ting' s mom was coming to fetch us. As we went out, the rain was dropping with a very heavy winds, can we weight the wind?? Well, it even can move the trolley and banged it to a car and a dust bin.
As we thought that Ting's mom would looking for us so we went out and stood at the edge of the pavement, chit-chatting while waiting. The wind was so strong that my spectacle was full of tiny droplets of rain. Three of us were waiting as i was really tempted to play under the rain. ^^
We hopped into Tigress Ting's car and told her mom that Ling had finally found her love at the first sight... It was really HILARIOUS
The rain has stopped when I reached my home. Nobody was at home except the maid who was scrubbing the floor. I changed my wet clothes and rest awhile before I went for a shower.
Dinner was great until the maid called us to see something.
"Look ! Cutie ( QT = female puppy ) and Sausage (male puppy)"
I was like =.= I replied " Nee-ngg"
Sausage had gone through a surgery to remove her 'ball' but we still could not get it why he still like to make love lovey thing with the female puppy.
~ And that was my Labour's Day 2009 ~