hmm... i have been sleepy this few days.. and this morning was really nice morning..

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Hi again my reader !!
I have been locking the page from viewing because the blog is under construction and renovation..

I have finished my exam which last for one week and it seemed to be a month to me...

Been studying with Tigress Ting at my house on Sat and Sun day before exam..
She is strict for studying tho and is very discipline.. she really a gud tutor and had forced me to eat all the Sejarah lessons notes and at the end i get the confidence to write on my exam.. If you want to study you can ask Tigress Ting to help you to focus and concentrate..

and she is a good friend,too.

And right now I am waiting for my results.. Ohhhh... been so long I never get top 5 in class dy.. haix >_<>

But I will work hard.. ^^
because I want to work hard !!!

so since the last post.. there was something that happened and i am going to share with you !Steph and Jonathan Seet came to visit school last Thurs.. everyone knows it..
Jonathan Seet has his hair longer than Ling's and it looked weird for him.. no offence,dude.. ( if u happened to c this ) i just giving out my opinion n i have already told u this.

I did not know that they were coming on that day and fortunately i had Chinese which I was going to have free period to talk with steph..

and the climax of this post is going to begin..

This episode began when Melissa Anabelle Lawson ( I think I spelled it wrong) commented that Stephanie and I are TWINS.

She asked the Esther, "Florence and her look almost the same. Are they Twins? "
I was looking at her with this playful look and answering her with the most susceptible tone, "Yes we are twins. She is Stephanie. I am not kidding. Her name is Stephanie. Same as your sister."
" yeah.. her name is Stephanie." Esther said with a confirm tone and smile.
and Steph was, " hi! "

^^ well, it was the most hilarious thing happened during the week and i could not stop laughing behind my Moral files with my hand shaking :D
I know is bad to lie to someone but she is so innocent and ANNOYING.. So I might as well put a prank on her.. and EVERYONE I have helped u all dy.. i know most of u who is her classmate dislike her..

Then she was like asking so much questions regarding 'The Fake Twins' that I told her, " Are you going to autograph my life biography?"
then, Kim continued, " Florence Walter Authorised Biography By Melissa. HAHA :D"
Melissa replied, " No, I was just curious and this is the first time I met this kind life. I never met this kind of life story before. I looks like in a novel."

I was grabbing up my moral file hiding my enormous unstoppable laugh and my hand was like shaking. Then she asked me, " Beatrix, what's wrong with you?"
" yes? nothing."
" I though you were crying. I am very sorry if i mention something very sad in your life." She said.
"Ohhh.. um... is alright."

then, I noticed that Stephanie was talking with Ms.Tan. Then, Ms.Tan approached us and said to Melissa, " Melissa, they are indeed Twins."
Everyone around us was LOLarious so hard that I will not forget that moment. Ms.Tan really very cooperative. ^^

Then Ms. Tan noticed that Steph and I really look almost the same. So she was like grabbing out her camera and asked me to borrow Joel's spect and told us (=Steph and I ) to stand together and snap few pics of us. The result : we really look alike. And I just found my Twins ^^ just that our b'day are so far apart.

While this happened, Melissa was asking Esther thousands of story about ' The Fake Twins'.
Sorry Echz for suffering from this. I was just mischievously put a prank on her.

Well, I have been damn lazy to type out the detail. This episode so far happened like that. I mean the sequence. and Steph went back home later and was started very boring. Because Melissa was talking to Esther, I don't think Eschz was listening to the whole thing she said. So just assume that Melissa was talking to Esther which was Melissa told Eshz her life story so loud that Sophie and Kim can hear it.

She started crying when she said about her former school's friends commented her. Then I was pretending ignore her.

I think the problem is with her not in her family or friends.
She might be always looking at the negative side.
The most annoying things about her was when Eshz and I was talking. She said why both of us talking and sort of ignoring her. hello lil' girl, Eshz and I have something to say and please lah I have nothing to say to you. Then Eshz and I was switching the language to Chinese so that she would not disturb us. " Why both of u are talking? Do u know that I was here. You can talk to me,too. And what are you talking about?",she asked

" All the way we are good friends and always have something to talk about. and this is PRIVATE CONVERSATION." we said.

and she finally shut up. but she keep on listening to what we were talking about cus we might slipped out a bit and speak in English and she would ask 'why?'
she is damn irritating and annoying. and I understand Sin Yee and Eshz suffer.

The conclusion is :

if I happen to hear within the hearing range next time when she is complaining about her life or anything without stop. I will say this sentences, "Melissa, can u please SHUT UP. Do you know that you are very irritating and annoying. And looks like everyone is not eager to know about what you say. We are not interested in your life! "

I really fed up about her at the end of the day. I hope i will not sit near with her again. She needs professional help.

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