Sport's Day 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009 @ 1:58 PM | (0) comment/s

hi all the readers..
sorry to be disappointed for not upgrading..
^^ been to busy with my empty ideas in my brain

I just came back from stadium..
Today was the Sport's day in my school and well I took part in 400m and 4x400m.
4x400m was held on last Wednesday and my team get silver instead of Gold which I dream of...
Today 400m was a disappointment to me.. I did not run fully and it was too late for me to catch up again.. well Tigress Ting had done her best, she got Silver.. and I got the 4Th..

Ban Ling was definitely the Sport girl for this year. She got 4 gold medals and had break record !!
Good Job Ling !!!

Today was really a memorable day for year 2009.. I was damn happy with all the shouting and cheering.. Unfortunately, Red house did not get the 1st or second.. Red house get 3rd year 2009.. So I was blaming myself not do it well in 400m..

Joel was definitely did a good job in his events this year.. he really improved a lot..
Go Joel Go for red house!!

It was raining when my Principal was distributing the medals to the winners and I was still soaked in the rain... the rain drops in my hair was like dropping and I AM FREEZING NOW !!!

Well, I still have next year to go.. and next year I will do my very best and will not disappoint those who have trust in me...and I AM going to fight back with 059 runner next year..

So, Sport's day fever is going to fade away..
and Examination week is COMING !!
hence, work hard everyone !!!
me too, must work hard so that I can go to A class next year !!!!


PS : Ms. Tan or u can say Mrs. Ang did not announce my full name this morning.. She only announced Florence... oops.. that's my name, the author !!