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People with this temperament style have an abundance of sociability and energy, generally coupled with a competitive outlook, apparent self-confidence, impatience to make things happen and, unless there is a very sound level of self management, they can become argumentative when challenged, vigorously defending their point of view and not always operating on a purely factual basis.

They will communicate directly and openly with everyone around them, freely expressing their opinions, whether others want to hear them or not.

They want to be the centre of activity, preferably in a leadership position and one that carries with it some authority and prestige.

They will actively seek an outlet for their energies and they will show some intolerance of people who compete with them, especially those who criticise.

Their rebuttal will generally be fairly loud and they argue rather than debate.

Pressure builds considerably for them where they are not achieving, for it is very important for them to be able to show competence and to perform so that other people will recognise and praise them.

They like to be the focal point of the work group, especially where they have the authority to make things happen. They will display energy and enthusiasm in organising other people, directing the traffic as it were and, when things are going well, they will impact on their subordinate team as enthusiastic, managing the way and giving due recognition and praise to the people who contribute to their success.

Their work role should give them an opportunity for both physical and mental activity.

Being required to sit in isolation behind a desk handling an administrative workload would not be at all attractive to them.

Because of the abundance of social energy present, coupled with high achievement drive, they can be a very effective member of an enthusiastic work group.

Similarly, in team sports they will also be regarded as a valuable member because of their real commitment to winning.

Their communication with others in the work group will be highly effective and they are likely to take on a leadership role, even if it is not officially ascribed to them.

When things are not going well, however, some of the bonhomie disappears and a lack of integration and a lessening of self-management will see them become more argumentative and aggressive in dealing with people they see as contributing to their difficulties.

Very demanding people, they do not tolerate low achievement from others or themselves.

Summary and recommended professions

This style is attracted to team leadership situations and/or the opportunity to be of benefit to others in a controlling role. Therefore, they should enjoy roles that enable them to coach or manage people or the helping professions such as:

Professional: Sales Manager; Coach; Medical Professional (Doctor, dentist, etc.); Club Manager

Skilled: Sports Trainer; Travel Consultant; Human Resource Officer

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