Your Future Is Depend on What You Did Today

Thursday, August 6, 2009 @ 3:54 PM | (0) comment/s

well guys I'm here again. And I haven't tell you about my days is Singapore yet.

Been enjoying the past weekend with my dad and mom but left out my sis >_<

out to Parkway and bought some stuff.

Mom bought her working shoes and me bought one trouser by dotcom. greyish blue in colour.

and bought a book by Stephen Covey, one of my favourite author, Leader In Me, at Borders.

Wanted to buy the chocolate there but Dad sort of refused to walk back and I thought it would be troublesome to bring back JB tho. Moreover, I bought 2 CDs of MJ and one Brit's at Sembawang Music Centre.

On Sunday, I went to send my mom back home at noon. and went to shop at Hang Ten because there is sale there. bought 2 tshirt and one short. Mom bought a few of Polo Shirt.

Then at the afternoon i was going back to JB.

It sounds bored but for me that's the only time i went shop with my mom. She is the busy woman. workaholic lady. So everything that i bought on dat weekend is supposed to be my birthday presents.

Anyway, 'Days flies' is a phrase that i keep on repeating in my head. It's true tho. I'm going to be 17teen soon and my teenage years sudah mau habis le.
but, i learn a thing. SEIZE THE DAY

Today is Friday, and I had 3 periods of BM lessons. and almost fall asleep again. cus I forgot to bring things to eat in the class. Mr.Tan damn funny today. He said that i'm a bit deaf cus sit in front of him dy still cannot listen properly. I was like ya la. his pronounciation is not gud wad. when he said 30 A i was wad??? 38????? Darn it. The whole class was boo-ing at me. Sad >_<


By The Way, I have already quit a few things in my life.

1. I am not doing the SUDOKU for few weeks now. and decided to quit it. and only use it during holidays instead of weekend.

2. I quit watching TV since one and half month ago. And I'm going to quit it. I'm going to watch movie only or watch in dvd during holiday.

3. Waking up in the morning everyday including weekend and holidays not later than 6 a.m

Well, I'm going to discipline myself in order to achieve healthy lifestyle !!!
cioa ^^