been ages since i have been posting, and chace crawford is damn handsome.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @ 9:20 AM | (0) comment/s

so sorry for all the readers who have been patiently waiting for my post.. hahaha.. like im the wantedfamous writer/blogger XD


I'm at my home now. and is in the morning. havent eaten my breakfast yet. been playing mahjong with mahjong players last night. and I WON so they said the winner must treat a meal. so yeah.. today's lunch will be on me. Bak Kut Teh.. hahaha :D

mooncake festival is coming soon. I can't wait to go back home to celebrate it !!
sis is at the bathroom.. so i am like actually waiting for her to be done so we can to clear our stuff.
she bought The Lost Symbol at Spore last week. so i was like borrow to read !! yes yes yes !!

still cant find the book that i want
and i think i must cut down my expense due to having reunion on Dec during the Xmas week with my gambling players a.k.a my mom's best friend's family's.

anyway, the weather is shockingly different. sometimes is hot and is damn hot. then it started to rain. rain damn heavy.
when i went to Spore last satday. i was like, " aunt, i think i need taxi. cus the things are so heavy."
so i took taxi to rochor road and planned to take MRT to harbour front.
however, god's will is otherwise. it started to rain heavily and i got no choice but to wait. think that the rain will stop soon.
the rain also damn stubborn it did not stop but keep raining.
so i took taxi down to harbour front. S$ 7.40

been watcing Gossip Girl season 2 and can't wait for the season 3 now.
thanks to KY who has help me to but the dvd.

going out.
will posting soon.
eat lots of curry and rendang here :)