I'm Starving now going to eat in a few minutes :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009 @ 6:35 PM | (0) comment/s

been dreding lately.. holiday mood hasn't off yet and i hope i could sleep more like last year.. but i force myself to be awake befor 5.30 in the morning even though i might take my nap at 12 a.m.

decided to quit a few things in my life in order to clear away all the toxic inside my body so that i could lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. junk foods as those tibits and biscuits.

2. carbonated drinks.

3. high caffeine drink.

4. not going to delay any works

5. sleep hours no more than 8 hrs

Today is Friday and tomorrow will be my last ECA for year 2009.
Even though this year ECA Sin Yee and I choose different activity and we get different groups with theirs. But still the torment days are going to end soon.
I don't know what tomorrow will be as it is also the last ECA for form 5 students.

Then, i think i can't online tomorrow but i will keep posted on Sunday.
HIks Hiks >_< friends are going to watch Final Destination on that day and I can't go because I don't get the permission. But, I still can watch during Desc hol.