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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 4:30 PM | (0) comment/s

I thought that i could update my page last sunday. Well, i have really been sleeping more than 8 hrs, more than the disciplined hours that i intented to.

Last Friday during the Music Lesson at SoundQuest, my most patient teacher i ever had, told me something.
" florence, I think i found out something about you." she said
" Ohh really... what's that?" I asked
" you have this natural talent that whenever i started to nag u or advise u more than thrice, you have this sudden act on ur ears to shut off. So when u repeated ur mistake again, I wonder why u didn't get it while u nod ur head."
" I see. that's good what." I replied
" Where do u get it? You learn it?" she asked
" well, u can say i learn it tho. i used to do it, hence it has come out naturally whenever someone started to talk things that im sicked of." I said
" oohh... great then. Continue ur songs please."

:) :) :) i have been laughing so hard in my heart that i felt so contented ..hahahahahahha :D XD

Actually there is so much things that i wanted to say.. wrong is to type out here on fLo's page.
but well, now my head is blank.. a total blackness..
Today supposed to be school day but it turned out to be quite nice Wednesday.
Early in the morning this bald- round face- big eyes- with spectacle teacher entered the class.. i was like ohhhh myyyyyy Goooood.... boring lessons for one and the half lesson because he promised that we can do anything after he finished the lame story.
and the next 3 periods, English is amazing. The patient-never-really-get-angry teacher let us watch Hellen Keller life movie.. and it is obviously great. because we just need to watch and answer a few questions.
Then, 2 periods of Chinese lesson. They changed our room again. this time they shifted us to the teachers' room and upper storey where we sit and face all the teachers in OHS and OPS while doing our works and they do theirs. The advantages for us are, no VP of VIP in OHS and OPS coming and tell us to shut up and no ' do u want to sit in front of me' and none of them going to look stare at us. hmmm.
anyway, my things that i have planned for november is going to be settled. everything is going to turn out fine perhaps.
but one thing turn out to disturb my Descember plan !!
I have to finish my Add.Maths HW which is supposed to hand in this morning.