I'm Addicted to Sudoku AGAIN !!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 2:35 PM | (0) comment/s

Today is Deepavali. Public holiday and i still have cathechism class later. and yeah... i don't need to practise singing today. and i still havent bought the things that i REALLY need. White coloured heels or gladiator and converse shoe and i haven't shown my aunt the white dress that i borrowed from Angela jiejie.. is strapless and total snowy white dress knee length.

been sleeping a lot nowadays.. but i couldnt help it.. i just wanted to sleep more or else i will keep on yawning throughout the morning and yeah... things get changed alot.

these 5 days off from school, I supposed to complete all the homework that i already owed to teacher since 1st of Oct.

alot of things gotta happen and more events are crashing for the month of November. and Descember, I have prepared myself to do what im going to do.

2 more weeks, is his Birthday.. n Tigress told me to buy sweater and after thinking through..
I'm not going to buy anything for him because it already 4 YEARS since i met him !! I scared that I'm buying wrong size :) However, I'm going to send a surprise birthday card like 2 years ago :D

I really wish that everything that i have planned for the next 10 years will be working !!

anyway, my mind goes blank now.. got to log off.. ciao