Im back !!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 @ 1:45 PM | (0) comment/s

wahhh... is been a great time since weeks ago. and yeah i am here to tell you that i have finished my awful final exam for year 2009.. but i still have my practical exam tomorrow.. !!
and i supposed to cut short my not very polish nail..

well, New Moon is coming out soon which is on this coming Friday.. and gotta watch before im going back.

mom was calling me on sunday evening, telling me that when im going back next week, i have to watch out for the weather because there was a ship wreck happened near the coastal sea areas at my place where people were dying as the high tide and waves... that night my mom was in hospital to evacuate the corpses, i felt a lil' eerie to think about what possible thing could happen to me next week.. duh !

after off-line ing for about 3 weeks, is such a pleasure to typing on this keyboard and reading my story book and sleep late wake up late and listen to my radio and music out loud :)

well there are and were few things really happened in the past few weeks and yeah i totally get heel over my head ( issit correct phrase? for i have been forgetting all that english paper was weeks ago :D). my grandmom and my most lovable cousin were celebrating their birthday last week with all my aunts and uncles came over and of course my mom,too.
and I had been confirmed on 14th Nov by the bishop on my confirmation day !!

anyway, good luck ( i know is sort of late) to all those of my friends who are taking SPM paper this year !