the sun is so bright today.. it hurts my eyes tho..

Sunday, November 29, 2009 @ 12:52 PM | (0) comment/s

so is sunday again... aunt is not around for a week now.. and my uncle was saying that perhaps when my grandma turn 80 is going to be the grandchildren duty to arrange the birthday party for her.. and it is another 4 years, so i told him that wait till grandma turn 85 then we ( the grandchildren) will be able to have a grand party for her cus 9 more years most of us have gone out working :) well... it was just mentioning.. im not very sure it will work out as the grandchildren are like scattered to different places..

but it will be an amazing party tho :D

listening to britney's songs again.. i do not know why i have been so addicted to her songs.. when she was just a teen, she was such a success in pop music but well, her life was a disaster after she broke up with her bf, justin T.. but i could see that she is trying hard now to become a success pop singer.. her latest album, Circus was really great..

i think this post is totally random now..

I just realised that the interior design in my restarurant city and cafe world is almost the same.. woody colour and woody floor n wall..

anyway, i think after today, i will not be able to online so often.. cus im going back !!