cranberry is nice and contained anti-oxidant !

Monday, December 14, 2009 @ 2:35 PM | (0) comment/s

I wasn't nervous neither has nervous breakdown nor hyperventilation this morning :)
I went to learn how to drive :D hahaha... It was really really amazing. proud to say I'm going to get driving liscence^^

last night watch Upin & Ipin adventure on dvd.. It was really funny yet educational. It is a malay cartoon though..

life seems going on and on without stopping and we have to run with it or else we were right behind others. so i guess i have to do something in my teen years. hence i have something to reminisce when i am an old lady.. reading chicken soup for the soul : extraordinary teens, made me realized that we as teens can do great things as adult could. and they are proving to the rest of the teenagers in the world to live up their dream not to follow the crowd!

as we are growing, problems we face everyday getting more and harder. for me it is good to prepare ourselves into adulthood. not many people understood this things as they complain about the life. a favorite saying by losers, "life's sucks." is not an encouraging quote to live in this era.

every morning we open our eyes, that is the moment where our life adventure start. to me life is always full of adventure and mystery and surprise. It just we need to go on and experience every moment of our life and overcome every obstacle that come approach :)

busy upgrading my cafe world and restaurant city ;)