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i can actually confess to you that i am a very bad girl. Bad in a way that i hate those lovey-dovey bird of these in moment of fame actors and actress
At the previous post i stated that i am one of the twilight fans ( the books) and i too fallen in love with Edward Cullen.

I have watched the first 2 movies of this saga. and i realised that everytime the movie is going to release, the main actors can be found at everywhere. in tabloids, newspaper, magazine, TV, or even at the advertisement board along the road.

i treasure the movie but i personally dislike the actors.
first of all, Kristen Stewart is not a good actress. she does not know how to act and her skill in acting is just only below average.

When i was 13, i remembered someone told me that a good actor will not be influenced by the feeling require in the script when he is in his real life. He supposed to differentiate the feeling during the acting and in his life.
But, Kristen and Robert are involved in on-screen and off-screen relationship.
Kristen Stewart can't separate her personal life and during her acting.

In addition to that, she is still on and off in her relationship with Robert Pattinson. If you are involved in a relationship, you ought to declare it steadily. Not saying no but later you are.
is so confusing. If you are hesistate about your feeling, you will be criticised. Like what i have done now

The more i watch the trailer of the saga, the more i feel dislike to them.
is sooo wasted.

and Kristen looked very proud.

I guessed those twilight fans who read this are going to beat me to death.
and this shows that all i said is true :)

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