Experience is A Hard Teacher, She Gives You The Test First The Lesson Afterwards

Sunday, August 8, 2010 @ 11:53 AM | (0) comment/s

Is August now. In 2 months time, is my final exam. I am depressed and stressed. Sport's day falls on 10th of August which means the coming Tuesday. I participate in 4oom running. This year this event is very competitive. I tell myself that I must do my best whatever it is and always be positive.

In a matter of days I will turn into an eighteen-year-old girl. This means 'old' to me.
Already living on this earth for almost 18 years, I feel that I am fortunate.

My parents aren't divorcing.
I have a good sister.
I have wonderful guardians (my aunt and uncle).
My cousin is smart, supportive and wise beloved cousin.
My cliche is great.
I have balance social life.

After all, I feel contented. I can't complain more. I have 4 meals a day. I can read and write. On top of it, I received an education, I attend school.

I have dreams. Many said is impossible. but to me that is my purpose of life. My goal. My ambition. And as everyone, I want it to come true.

Life is an adventure. full of ups and downs. and we have to go through it whatever it is.
Life is also full of surprises and mistakes and we must always remember it for no one is going to remind you. So, be independent in life.