girls are maturing themselves in a wrong way

Monday, September 20, 2010 @ 11:33 AM | (0) comment/s

all the females on this earth like to be pretty. who doesn't want it?? to be called pretty and beautiful??
all the girls in their teenage years are trying to doll up to look more mature. What's the point? When u are 13 u make yourself like a 17. Why r u trying to look so old? putting up make up and wearing adult clothes. Why don't u wear something your age??

I love to wear nice clothes too. wearing make up.. and applying mascara and eyeliner.. but not too much when u r suppose to watch only movie and have a yum cha with friends.

But, u are just 13 or only twelve. when i was your age, i only wear t-shirt and jeans when i went out. that's the most comfortable outfit.

so u think guys like girls wear make up. Most of em dislike it. Most of em want their girlfriend to be natural. because natural is the beauty.
If u think u can attract guys with those thick layered of powder and colour, u only attract those guys who only like your appearance. who are going to break your heart.

To me, teenagers should try new things. I don't mean drugs and alcohols and even porn or sex. but sports !!! and art!! make more new friends out of your comfort zone. participate in an organization. try new hobbies. involve in games and camps. try to find your self. your passion. not just pouring out your love towards unworthy fellow and yourappearance.

make up only hurt your tender skin. and love those guys only break your heart.

try to cherish your young age so that when u are old, u will not regret it.