Have a Sweet Dream Tonight

Monday, September 13, 2010 @ 6:49 PM | (0) comment/s

i have dreams. in fact, i have long list of wishes and dreams. Just like the rest of the humans on this earth. and yet i still sit here doing nothing to accomplish it. but don't look down on blog. yeah. don't look down on blog. Blog helps people. it help to get the blogger's fame and recognation. and frankly, not many people know how to blog. if your blog is visited by many people that means that you have a nice blog. whether it is about ur daily lilfe or any specific things.

I categorised the list into 3 types.

1. general
we want nice and new clothes. accecories. phone. laptop. or any gadgets. we envy those who get the latest one. then we will keep presurring our parent to buy one for us.
when we reached 17. we want to get driving liscence. there are many reasons for it. To me, i just want to learn so that i know how to drive therefore when i met an emergency i know how to do. Later on when we went to college, we ask for a car. sometimes parents just buy one lousy car for us. and sometimes parents give the best car in the family.
then, as we get older, we want a rise in our pocket money. to buy clothes or any things that we desire. and most of the guys ask for it in order to belanja their girls.

2. needs
we need internet connection, so we have to ask for it. sometimes we need phone so people can find us. ( not necessary, bcs i don't own a phone^^) we need good food, good sleep good look( when we are at formal occasion) and of course good health. all of these need maintainance and upgrade.

3. future
dreams. ambitions. job. what we want to do before we can not do it. what we want to achieve before we reach old age. what we want to make it happen so that we will be able to reminsce when we are old. what we want to meet and talk to the persons we admire. what are the status that we want.

We need a drive or so called motivation to push us. and there are more and more books or videos on motivational thingy out there. just grab one of the best one and listen to their advises.

all dreams have to live in. or we will regret. :)