I keep things from the past for it's memory

Monday, September 27, 2010 @ 9:08 PM | (0) comment/s

There are things that we treasure. There are things that we do not want to lose. There so many things that we Love and Heart. Either it is physical things or the memories.

Most of it are beutiful one. They are the reminder of the events. They are nostalgia. We always keep it in the box or in our drawers. Letters from siblings or parents, love letter from boyfriend or girlfriend, key chain from best friend and card of greetings from classmates and schoolmates.

We just couldn't throw them away. There are times where an urge to open it and read the contents. Sometimes tears welled in our eyes, remembered the time that we had spent with someone. They left their footprints. And so we are.

Photos taken during high school is going to be the most meaningful. While you are still in high school, take more photos while you can. Keep it so that next time u remember all rthe happy times you have spent with your friends.

I dearly love all the photos taken since five years ago. Once in awhile I would reminisce the moments. When u flip through the photos u would heard te laugh, the cries, the jokes and
humours. Usually we remember back the conversation we had. The jokes we share.

Things like photos, cards, letters, notes, and key chain are great properties of mine. I keep tem well in a box fir I know that one day ten or thirty years later I will still be able to remember the joyous moments I had shared in my life. I don't care whether it is sad or happy, I just kept them.