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I love Vampire Academy. I love the novels. I'm going to collect em all. reread em and taking care of em.
I'm kinda regret buying the twilight last year. When I reread the novels again, the thrill was not there. So, I decided to put em back in my bedroom's bookshelf.

Vampire Academy storyline is great. It talks about the life of the main character. the obstacles and threat that she has to go through. Her love life is sad. yeah.. to  me it was really sad. Honestly, I cried when i read it. Wondering if that happened to me, i guessed i would be really sad and upset.

The adventure that she experienced reflect her heroine in her self.
If I were her, I might not able to do that.

Recently, I have been reading all sad ending romance story. I think it affects me in some way. It made me feel that boys are worthless. perhaps this proves that I have been single for 3 years. And I don't think it is a sad news or whatsoever. I enjoyed being single. You need not need to worry or bother or think about someone who you should always remember 24/7.  And whose opinion must be weighed greatly.
It also means no freedom.

Just like Rosemary Hathaway, the heroine in Vampire Academy. I suggest that you read the book so you can understand what i talk about.

The sypnosis can be read in Wikipedia