Just A Thought

Saturday, September 11, 2010 @ 8:30 AM | (0) comment/s

the past august is the most tiring yet entertaining month of the year. first i had my last sport's day in high school or u can say in my life because i don't think i will have any sport's day in future. then my birthday. friends are so generous and creative in celebrating my 18th birthday.

Andrea went to my house the day before we went out to celebrate. She brought all types of skirts. FYI, I seldom wear skirt even though i own a few of it. and most of em are black. She brought white and kinda sweet and lacy. and that is not my character. However, never try never know. Even though I don't like the style and it doesn't suit my character at all, i still put on it the next day. and swear that i won't wear it again. :) ( A, if u see this, I'm sorry. I know how much effort u actually had put in).

E ordered my favourite marble cheese cake from secret recipe but this time I don't know why the bottom part of the cake was awful.

Ling had been busy creating birthday video for me for like 4 months ??
But, It is really a great video. I totally love it. It shows her sincerity and her friendship to me. I think I damn lucky to have her as my best friend. ( I will try to post the video one day)

I just can't complain anything. I love my friends. They make the impossible to be possible. They do their best the make a very outstanding day this year and also the best birthday i ever had. Although i can't celebrate it with my family, I still grateful to em. all of their effort was paid off.

I LOVE YOU, My Best Friends.