Friday, September 10, 2010 @ 4:39 PM | (0) comment/s

there are lotta pics in my thumb drive. but yeah I'm lazy to upload here. It takes time. and from now on i don't really have time.
The last 2 posts had exhaust me. Pity my lil' girl, Tiger accompany me till sleep.
She is my little puppy. Mix bred. her dad is daschund and her mom is Maltese. so she has daschund's body and Maltese fur. but her eyes is as pretty as her dad :) she is called tiger because when she was a toddler^^ she doesn't like people disturb her when she was doing something ( napping, eating and drinking). she would bark and bite :D
and I LOVE HER..

Exams coming yet i need some inspirations to continue blogging. also, i need to find time. I don't have enough time honestly. 24 hours is little.
I need to increase the traffic. I need to. so, next year when i will be in college, i will devote my time to do blogging more seriously.

wonder how sis doing now. pity her tho. she missed Chinese food there and of course leisure time.

oh ya ! i need to buy swimsuit. No, I'm not going to wear bikini. I am shy about my body figure actually. and new goggle. yeah... that's mean that I have to go to Singapore. JB's swimsuits quite expensive compare to Singapore.

and not forget if go Singapore, i must go to forever 21. :))

I never know when I'm going to update my blog again. If u think my blog is nice and u have been following it, please be patience with me :) thank you