Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ 4:54 PM | (0) comment/s

Hi ! so finally I am able to update. :)

Exam's over on last wednesday. Biology was the last subject.

thursday, went to do some college stuff.
yesterday, went out with Ling to Jusco Tebrau City. bought new swimsuit, goggle, swimcap, anti-fog spray, papers, and books :)

today, since 12pm till now, editting the template. finally, it is done. lately, I do not know why I like bright colours :)

downloaded msn messenger, adobe flash & iTunes these 2 days.
erm... well, i need a rest first before continuing my blogging activity.

supposed to buy phone on moday, i think.

tuesday, going to watch rapunzel with some friends.
wednesday night is the night my class head off to the north ;D
I can't wait.

I can't believe myself that time is really flying. ugh, i kinda miss my high school life.
darn. anyway, next year's life is going to be a challenging one :P