graduation trip

Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 9:25 AM | (0) comment/s

since I have time to sit in front of the laptop and also have the time to do some blogging. I've decided to post my graduation trip which held on 15th-22nd December :D

there are many pics here. fyi, i hate to upload pics. it consumes too much of my precious time ;) kidding.

meet my besty,Ling.she is one of my besties. :D photo taken at Batu Feringghi, Penang. Just before we experienced flying with parachute :D alright,day 1 we were in Penang.

this looks like a river. but it is at seaside. ;)
i heart this pic :D

  actually i wanted to capture the bridge of penang. you know it was my first time there ;)
 day 2, penang -> cameron highland :) the strawberries here are beautiful. as well as its flowers :)

 at strawberry moments. indulging myself with all type of strawberry food :D


then from cameron highland, we went to KL.
I didn't take much photo while I was there. 
KL -> Genting -> KL
we didn't stay overnight at Genting Highland.
From KL we went to the last destination, Melacca.

that was my graduation trip with my dear classmates :)
I hope u enjoy this post. 
I'm trying very hard to make it more fascinating :D