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When everyone asks me what is my hobby, I will definitely say, "reading".
I love to read since I was about 9 years old.
I still could remember vividly how sister loved to buy comics.
There were this comics about world's leader, warrior, famous leader, philanthropist, artist and inventors.
they are Thomas Alfa Edison, Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Walt Disney, Louis Pasteur, Mariah Currey, Hellen Keller, Florence Nightingale, Isaac Newton, and many more.
Their biography is in comic style. So, I don't feel boring when I read about their life. From there I learnt about history. and slowly, I developed the habit of reading.

Both my parents posses a large quantity of books. No doubt they influenced me and my sister.
My first book on self-enrichment was "Dare To Fail". I was quite curious about the content. What's so great about failing. Later, I learnt my first life lesson from book. We must dare to accept our failure because from the failure we can correct ourselves and become successful. We must not treat failure as a sign of weakness. but it is just another success. Great people we know have failed when they went the journey to success. For success comes after failure. I read that book when I was merely 11 years old.

Then, I fall in love with Chicken Soup. I read this book since I was in Primary 5.
At first I was astonished to see mom bought so many books with the tittle of Chicken Soup. Both my sister and I thought that Chicken Soup is a recipe books. We thought that our mother was insanely wanted to try all types of Chicken Soup. Never did we know that, Chicken Soup For the Soul became one of our favourite.

I get my first English novel when I was in Form 1. My English was suck and my vocab was limited. The summarised version of Pride and Prejudice was my first English novel.
It was given by my aunt. then the sixth book of Harry Potter became one of my English novel. the first time I read this book I met a lot of difficulties in understanding the sentence structure and the vocabulary. So after reading the first chapter, the book was kept in the bookshelf. One year later, I opened up the book and tried to read again. then only I was able to understand the storyline.

Later, I found myself buying a lot of English books. ranging from fiction genre, non-fiction, fantasy to self-enrichment book. You can say that I read all type of books. For I have thirst in knowledge. I think everyone does.

I learnt that from reading books, one not only can get knowledge but also can travel into the other part of the world and learning the language. In fact, one's mind become more mature as he/she reads more. Nevertheless, by reading, you will not lose anything but gain a lot of things.

Everyone has their own favourite genre. Some likes fiction and non-fiction. Some likes self-enrichment. and some likes everything.

Frankly, I have been emphasizing the importance and need of reading to everyone around me. So, why not trying to read something light first before going to a novel?