its monday

Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 5:22 PM | (0) comment/s

today's class is crowded. my class had new 3 students who changed their subject combination. so approximately there are 35 of us in a room. today's lesson went well. and im quite enjoyed it. at least everyone in my class is responding to the questions and they arent shy as well. or else i will be shy too. :)

today's weather not that good at all. when i finished my class the sky was dark. then i went to library to borrow book. when i came out from library, it was raining heavily. no luck. i waited in the library with my classmates. when the rain almost stop ( i dunno how to describe it in words) i went to photostate shop to collect my book. when i reached my room, outside was raining heavily. and now the sun shines sooooo brightly.

but there is always the same scenario everyday. that is the traffic :D

i dunno why i have been talking about my days since im here. there is always a topic that i want to talk about when i was in class but same as always, i forgot after that.

another short post again? i guess so.