Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 4:21 PM | (0) comment/s

seven years ago when my sister told me that perhaps he would still love me 10 years later, i believed that he would come and find me. and we would be together. it was a vague future that i have been praying to God. I hoped so much that i would be with him when both of us had grown up. 
and yes, we have grown up now. and yet, its now seems impossible. I always have this belief, "time will prove to us". indeed, it proves to me that i have been living in a wonderland. wishing too much and get disappointed in the end. 

even though, that conversation was 2 months ago, i still could remember vividly how we chatted, what we talked about and what's the atmosphere around me. i was head over heels. n was in good mood for a few weeks but eventually not in the good mood at all. 

you promised me to meet up with me this coming June. i hoped u can keep that promise. because we had been wanting to meet up since 5 years ago? 

you are right, we both have changed. n now we kinda don't know much about each other anymore. 
i miss our past. a past that i will always remember. and i hope u too.