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before i forget :)
this blog is lacking of pic which i know. its kinda boring with only words lingering on this page :D
so i decided to post some pics that were taken 2 weeks ago in Kuantan, Pahang. hear me? KUANTAN.
i went there!! for??? MLTR concerts !!! yesshhh. i went to MLTR concerts. second concerts in my life :)

 i know they are old. but they are still awesome. they still have the awesome voice and songs.
 bought their latest album after their concert.

after the concert, we went to KFC to have supper ;)
then we fool around along the sea shore :)
taking pictures and running as well as playing.
below are pictures taken with full of our creative poses ^^

 :) one of the nicest pic

 our shadows ;)

that's it. 
have a good day :)