Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 5:31 PM | (0) comment/s

exams are finally over. it's such a relief to me. had an awesome days after Friday. slept like no one cares. slept till noon. i broke my own records. 2 days straight slept till 12. so now, i have 2 weeks breaks before entering the second semester.
its almost june now. time really flies. almost 5 months since im here. another 6 months i will b sitting for my SAM external exams. kinda sad because accounting is the last paper. but who cares. after that im gonna live my life to the fullest before entering uni life.

there are many things to do for this semester break.
1. reading more books
2. tidy up my lessons note after the exam hectic
3. revising some maths and accounts that i couldnt solve during exam
4. preparing for ESL tutorial
5. doing Legal Studies research
6. driving like mads at hometown ^^
7. cook some dishes

i kind of wanted to list down my shopping list for the rest of the year. so the list goes down like this :
1. shoes
2. sneakers
3. sport short that i saw in adidas
4. a new handbag
5. sports watch
6. new watch (different from no.5- bracelet stainless-steel watch)
7. 2 more dooodolls plush series ( im going to bring back KALOR)
8. beach dress
9. skirts
10. shorts
i think 10 is enough to create a big hole in my pocket.

i already had my eyes on 2 beach dresses that i found. one in sungei wang another one in miif plus. however, i lack of eherm.. so.. it doesnt look nice.. sad...

i own many bracelets, necklace and earrings. but i seldom wear 'em. but i love to buy 'em. i was thinking to go diva. gosh.. i have so many things in my mind..