Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 3:26 PM | (0) comment/s

so, yeah... here i am.. trying to come up with things to update. its been 3 weeks since the last update i guess??? apologize for that. last year, i thought that i could update my blog at least once a week since i have unlimited access to Internet this year. but now 24 hours is not enough for me to keep up with the college.

i think i seldom talk about my college life in sort of detail.

i was from a science class last year, and i think everyone around me knows that i detest science very much. so this year i decided to drop all my precious science subjects (knowledge). i took up economics, legal studies, accounting, mathematics and English as second language.

college life is not what the novels or films always portrays. it is not that carefree as in you can hang out with your friends every weekends or having party every week or totally enjoying your semester break.

i was quite surprised when i received each of my first class tests result. it wasn't in my expectations. sometimes, i cant think where i went wrong. i study for it but it turned out i actually didn't answer the questions. there are times where i was thinking to give up, but hey, i remembered my promise that i made to myself.

so far, my result is not in the satisfying range that i want. its not in the category that i wished.

semester exam is just next week. economics is the first paper, and i still could not write the essays well. 10% for the internal assessment. it creeps me out. i think this is going to be the last post till my exams end.

and i know i supposed to study or revision or doing past year paper now. its just that, let me breath awhile before i put on my gear.

whatever that is coming, i hope i can cope well, and score well.
just need more FOCUS!

all the best to everyone out there who is going to sit for the exams :)

by the way, today is Teacher's Day. remembered what i have performed during the 2010 Teacher's day with my classmates. it was such a precious moments to me.

Happy Teacher's Day to every teachers.