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i love challenge :)

so i found this from
she is the one that design this layout that im using  ;)
awesome girl.

this is the challenge. wish me luck.

25 Day Challenge
day 01 : Take a photo of yourself and write 15 interesting facts.
day 02 : Write about your bestfriend(s).
day 03 : Describe your room, what it looks like etc.
day 04 : Name 10 favourite songs, and why you like them.
day 05 : Write about your dream guy/girl.
day 06 : What do you want in your future?
day 07 : 10 things you like about yourself.
day 08 : 5 emotions you feel right now.
day 09 : Thoughts on life or death.
day 10 : Why do you use tumblr?
day 11 : List some of your favorite bloggers.
day 12 : Who is your hero? What have they done for you?
day 13 : Write about 3 favorite memories.
day 14 : If you could get any tattoo in the world, describe it, its meaning, where would you get it, etc.
day 15 : Thoughts on drugs/alcohol.
day 16 : Write a letter to the person you like / boyfriend / girlfriend / ex.
day 17 : If you knew you were dying, what would you want your last words / advice to the world and why?
day 18 : Thoughts on cheating / player.
day 18 : Do you have a special object / item with lots of value to you? Describe it.
day 19 : Make your story about your day using GIFs.
day 20 : Where would you most like to visit in the world?
day 21 : If you could invent something innovative and world changing, what would it be and why?
day 22 : What would change about your life if you could?
day 23: Thoughts on love.
day 24: The hardest thing you ever had to do.
day 25: The best thing(s) in your life now.

so, i have to dedicate myself to finish this challenge. its my first time. i hope i can do well :)
the challenge will start tomorrow ^^ stay tuned.