Day 02 : Write about your bestfriend(s).

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beware readers. this post is considered a heavy post which contained many photos ;)

the instructions is : Write about your bestfriend(s) 

i have encountered many best friends during my growing up phase. there are friends that i considered close. there are also friends that i already considered like my sister.
people says that friends are like gems that are very valuable. once you lost it you hardly ever able to replace it. to me, they are like those gems.
however, undergo some circumtances i have to let go my gems. i have to leave them. and to think about it, i regretted not to keep them safe last time. finally, i have learnt the important value of friendship. i will not let them disappear from my life even thought it take energy, time, and sacrifice to keep them forever :)

this picture was taken when we were just in form 3. it is the beginning of our friendship. 
at that time, i had one that i thought i was very good with. nevertheless, both of us did not put much effort in keeping our friendship which results in breaking up. fortunately, these girls never fail to make me happy and comfortable. they help me along the journey till where i am today. 
this was the last picture taken that day after watching acapella. 
we never fails to laugh, smile, joke, and live the moment.
this photo was taken during our last ECA for that year. 2008.
we are amazing!!
my form 3 year was spent beautifully. despite the PMR stuff, we found one another. this was definitely one of our important moment.
from left : me, esther, zhenwei aka tigress or andrea, Ling, sinyee, and shunkee 
we studied hard and play hard at the same time.
i met all of them except Ling in form 3A. 
i was transferred to A class that year with Ling. both of us at first sat at the last table in that class. 
without knowing, tigress and esther were just seated in front of us.
even though shunkee n sinyee sat quite far apart from us, we still bonded. we had recess together and have fun together. we helped one another when we faced problem with study.
i still could remember vividly how 4 of us, me, Ling, Esther and Tigress, were doing manicure in English class. the class was so boring that we decided to find some things to do so that we would not fall asleep or daydreaming.
moreover, we even play some games that required "vote" ^^ 
thats how we spent our days during the so-called PMR year. teachers were then complaining that we were noisy so we were seated far from one another. yet, we still enjoyed our PMR year.
during geography revision class, we even fool around with some classmates.
beautiful memory indeed.

this picture was in 2009. Ling n I was transferred back to B class that year. that's where both of us came from. we were in B class in form 2. 
not only class was different. even our breaks are mostly different.
only 2 days our breaks meet. so those 2 days are quite valuable for us.
things change from time to time.
when we were in form 2, i was very closed with my classmates. probably because i was in different class previous year, the situation became very awkward. at first, both of us did not talk to the rest of the class. 
but as time passed, the awkwardness was gone even though it was not as warm as 2 years ago.

when we were in form 3, we planned a trip during december as a celebration that we had done with PMR.
we decided to go to singapore. 
this picture above was taken at December 2008

Sports Day is one of the most important even during our high school year.
four of us took part in different events.
although, Esther was at different house ( she was in Blue House and we were in RED house) we still could find time to have lunch together and cheer for one another. 
we enjoyed ourselves during sports practices, rehearsal, standard sports and sports day.
we could never forget those days when we were running around the stadium with our shirt drenched with sweat and messy hair.

this was taken last year. 3 of us with our most dearest vice principal :)
last year was our last time to participate in sports day, to contribute something to our house. even today i still miss those days where our heart kept beating heard to know the champion house for the year.

we left and create many beautiful memories^^
picture was taken with Yan Feng the most left one, Jovan the middle one and our junior who is the best runner. it was time to take our lunch.

another picture with some other friends.
every year when sports practices were held, it was the time where we met and knew and made many new friends, they were either our seniors or juniors. 
we never failed to enjoy sports day!!

last year was the first time we really visiting some friends during chinese new year. usually it would be either some of us cannot make it, some had to go overseas, some had to balik kampung or no transport. 
the best ever chinese new year i ever had i should say :)

one thing that touched me in my life is how these dearest best friends celebrate my 18th birthday.
the actual day was on friday, but we hang out at saturday ;)
that day, i was really the princess of the day. they made surprises for me too.
Tigress who is my fashion saviour together with Ana, and WhuiShean came to my house on friday.
the purpose is to find the best outfit for me to wear because Tigress knew that I would just either wore T-shirt and shorts or simply dress up.
She spent about 5 hours to finally made me wear what i was wearing in the photo. 
definitely that day was one of the happiest day in my life. 
and yes, i was very very very satisfied and HAPPY. i was utterly speechless.

we took alot of photos. we even took this sort of machine stickyphoto. where u could design and put whatever u want with a very good effect.

these are what we played at night. definitely one of the most awesome day to me.
they even ordered my favorite cake from secret recipe, marble cheese cake
they made my day!
not only that Ling made a very special birthday video for me.
inside were friends around me, classmates, my favorite form teacher Mr.Cham, seniors, juniors and they themselves. what made it more special was it was just for me and it was one of the surprises :)

this photo was taken last year December.
As Ling and I were at different class to Esther and Tigress, we had to go to our own class graduation trip.
there was a day when we finally met. we met at Cameron Highland. my class was the first to arrive and this picture was taken when Tigress and Esther's class just going to have their steamboat.

Although we went to different graduation trip, we made our own Christmas trip. it was my first time to be away from my family during Christmas. Mom just gave me this opportunity to be with some of my favourite friends. we stayed at sentosa for 2D1N. there are 12 of us in one deluxe room :)
24th December, we went to Singapore. it was 3 days after my Graduation trip ended. the immigration was damn crowded that time. we checked in the hotel at 6pm. then prepared ourselves. girls took times to dress up. after that we went to have dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Vivo City. we even ordered Sake but some didnt drink. we ate while watching fireworks from the restaurant. really beautiful!
after dinner we spent about 2 hours at vivo city, took some more photos with other friends that were not staying over / who just wanted to go back JB that night.
Later on, we just walked around Vivo City while many shops had closed. then we went to 7/11 to buy Christmas Hat because it was CHRISTMAS DAY!
then we took taxi back to sentosa. we went to the beach. played games in beach. truth or dare. police and thieft. pepsi-cola. and many more. 
arent this shows how much i enjoy their accompaniment?
arent this show how happy i was when i am with them?
arent they are the best one?
arent they made my day more brighter?

we were celebrating december and january babies. 
me n Ling were waiting for the cakes. this picture was taken on Christmas Day itself at Vivo city.
we checked out from our hotel and went to bugis. that day i had to go back to my hometown and they have to go back to JB. 
that Christmas Day was indeed unforgettable. 

group photo of the day :)

this year after went through all the obstacles of high school. four of us ended up in Taylor's.
Ling and I took SAM while Esther and Tigress took A-levels.
Ling and I are roommate this year while Esther stays in single room and Tigress stays in double room shares with MaoMao.

these photo taken during Tigress' sister's wedding dinner. we were supposed to be her bridesmaid.
pictures were taken at the beginning of the year 2011.

on march, i believe some of you already knew that i went to Jay Chou's concert in Bukit Jalil Stadium.
I went with my babes. we bought the ticket one day before Physics paper last year during SPM month :)
it was our first concert or wad so-called virgin concert ^^
we had blast that day!! we sang along. we screamed. we shouted. we cheered. we just had the best ever day.

valentine's day^^
so five of us, me, Ling, Tigress, MaoMao and Ana celebrating Valentine's day together. 
we went to sunway right after class. we of course took some time to dress up ;)
we dined at pasta de gohan. Tigress wanted to dine in good restaurant. so insist we keep searching any good restaurant in sunway and we found pasta de gohan. we even tried to make reservation the day before :P

MaoMao, Me, Ling, Tigress.
we were celebrating one of our friend whose birthday just one day away from Valentine's day and fortunately it was a public holiday :D
we went to Allegro. it was an Italian Restaurant in SS15. as an Italian food lover, i love to go there. not just the atmosphere but the wine and the pasta/spaghetti was awesome.
okay stop promoting. i should talk about my bestfriends. :D

30th April, we went to MLTR concert. it was second concert to me, Ling, and Tigress but it was the first one for Esther. we bought VIP seats. and it was held in Kuantan. its not that they didnt had it in KL but Kuantan is one of the good place to visit! we had blast!! after concert, we went to the beach. and we just played there and had fun!! we took many pictures. you can view previous post where i post about MLTR concert :)
arent they the best one?

this is the prove that i went to Jay's concert!!

these are the happy moments that i had spent with them since i knew them.
that's summarised our journey since we met. i cant say met. should said knew more about each other.
they were there when i need them. they were there to advise me when i need one, when i made decision.
they were also there when i  faced problems with my study. there are still here with me when i need someone. 
they are also the people where i share everything with, either it is happy or unhappy.
we went through almost every obstacles together.
we keep each other strong.

one day we will go our own journey to pursue our dreams. that day will eventually come.
we were lucky enough we went to the same college this year.
but Ling's and my course is ended by the end of the  year.
one thing i will miss : that is their accompaniment. because they are already like my family.

I met Ling when we were in form 2. we were strangers back then. form teacher appoint her to sit next to me.
thats how we started our friendship. 

i have known all of them when i was in form 1.
it was just we were all in different classes except Ling and Tigress was very good when they were in form 1.
then arguments happen so when they were in form 2 they didnt talk at all.
things do change.
when i went to A class, i was like gosh these classmates were like total strangers to me.
but now, they were the best one :)

i have lost one bestest friend God had ever gave me.
so i do not want to lose them again.

the challenge said write about your bestfriend(s). if i just wrote, i guessed u would fall asleep by then end of the post. so y not i just post pictures and also write about them?

finally done with Day 02 challenge :)
good night.