Day 04 : Name 10 favourite songs, and why you like them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 @ 7:26 PM | (0) comment/s

i have many many favorite songs. and i do love listen to songs very much. some of the songs even describe what situation we are in, what kind of mood we had throughout the day. it's like somehow there are people that feels same like us :) and some songs can really make you cry.

so, here is the list of my favorite songs :
( i will go with song title and singer)

1. Eat You Up by BoA Kwon
she is Korean but she get more popularity in Japan. she sings Korean, Japanese and English songs.
this songs is sort of a seductive songs. just read the lyrics (google it) and you will know.
why i like this song? it is because this songs rock my heart and soul. it's edgy and energetic. the dance is also AWESOME :)

2. All Star by Smash Mouth
this is one of the Shrek soundtrack. I considered this song as a happy and motivational song. I listen to this song whenever i feel down so that i can cheer up and whenever i feel happy so that i can be more motivated.

3. Fight for This Love by Cheryl Cole
the lyrics tell us to fight for the love that we deserve. but somehow not all the love deserve to be fight for. instead after listen to this song, i learn to be more stronger.
it tells us to be stronger and not to give up hope. there is always a silver lining in every situation isn't it? so this song sort of an encouragement song to me.

4. Hero by Enrique Iglesias
whoever think that this song is not nice is a person who doesn't know the meaning of romantic, im referring to the girls. guys, will think its not awesome because they are jealous :P
i do hope someday i could find someone to be my hero. someone who really deserve that place. im searching tho ;) this song tells me how much a guy can sacrifice to the girl he likes. telling me there are still a few guys that are worth a place in every girls' heart.

5. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
i dont really know why i like this song a lot. i even put it as my message notification :) it seems like telling me some message between lines. you got to be searching it tho.

6. Just Stand Up by All Star Charity
it is one of my motivational song. it encourage me to go further beyond my boundaries and not to afraid of anything. 

7. Lollipop by Mika
this is one of the song that can make me damn happy instantly. 

8. Take Me To Your Heart by MLTR
this is one of the romantic song that can make touched if a guy sing to me :) the lyrics are so sweet.

9. That's Why You Go Away by MLTR
this song sings out my heart sometimes. LOL as if im facing any break-ups currently. well, it just sometimes suit my mood. another reason will be that this song is way too romantic :) it melts my heart everytime listen to this song

10. Tear Drops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift
this song reminds me of many things of my past. not that my situation is same with the lyrics. but the sadness is there. i even remember vividly how i always listen to this song everyday when it was first released and sing along when i get the chance :)

done with day 04 challenge. yay!!

PS: all these challenge that i did so far and in future are coming from my heart. there is no so-called simply do or wadever. it's sincerely from my deep thoughts and hearts. ^^