Day 06 : What do you want in your future?

Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 9:37 PM | (0) comment/s

future is something that we can't predict. future is a mystery for all of us. we do not know what is our future. but since young we are trained to know what we want for our future. they will ask what exactly your ambition. that is the first step of what we dream about our future. our ambition changes from time to time. in fact, sometimes we are very sure but the next minute we are not even sure what we want for our future.

when i was still a kid, many people keep asking me what i want to do in my future. me, innocently with proud told them that i want to become a doctor. a few years later, seeing my sister studied very hard in medicine faculty, i changed my mind. it changed from being an air-stewardess to a detective to a FBI agent. the latter 3 are not even approved by my parents. they said it were impossible whatsoever.

in high school, what i want for my future become more and more clearer and precise.

so now I'm doing this question, i will answer it with my current situation.
honestly,when i was given the question "what i see myself in 5 years time" related question, i cant really answer it properly.
however, i guess now is the time to answer it.

in my future, i hope i can have a secure job. i hope i am financially-stable, have a beautiful family, a loyal husband, great colleagues, still hang out with old friends, and lastly, world peace.

that is my general idea of the answer. I'm still not very sure what i want to be in future. but that's all i can hope for my future. of course, travelling around the world is one that i want to do in future.

thanks to MY for reminding me. i almost forget :P