Day 09 : Thoughts on life or death.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 @ 9:33 PM | (0) comment/s

our journey in this world was started with life and will end with death. the first air that we breathed in is the sign that we live in this world. as we grow up, we have encountered many things in our life. things that can open our eyes are the most significant. our life sometimes changes under some circumtances that it can change our perceptive view in this life.

since young we were taught that life is the most precious thing. it cannot be bought or sold or exchange. we are taught to treasure our life while we still can because there are maybe others that are not so fortunate compare to us. i heard a lot of complains from many people around me regarding things that related to LIFE. they think that their life is suck because they cant have the freedom they want, they cant get things that they want or they just dont satisfied with what they already have. yes, we human are greedy. but to some extent, dont we suppose to reflect for awhile of what we already have, already done, and will do? not many people are lucky like some of us. we should be glad that we are still healthy while we are in this world. we are not disabled in any ways. we should not take life for granted.

ending your own life when the time hasnt come yet is one of the most silliest thing a person can do. some obstacles in this life is quite hard to come by and solve. but bear this in mind, some of the people out there willing to lend you their shoulders and ears. some of the people out there willing to help you to overcome those problems you faced. the world has not come to an end yet when you think it is. in fact, by ending your life, it shows how stupid you are, how immature your thinking is, how childish you behave. and by ending you life (death) you are hurting people around you that love you dearly.

death is something unpredictable. we cant even choose how we die and what we die for. we do not know when we will breath for the last time. we just have to prepare ourselves to face it. some says death is something dark. some people say after death is reincarnation. as a Catholic since born, i believe that there is a life after death. but it all depends on how is my "performances" in this world right now. Death is portrayed as something dark. and honestly, i do afraid of death.
i scared that by the time my time is up, i still havent done what i always wanted to do. things that i must do before i die. something adventurous.

hence, just cherish anything that you have now. dont always complain about it. :) because we live once so seize the days!!