day 1 for second semester

Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 7:31 PM | (0) comment/s

college was very quiet today. even library that used to be very crowded during daytime, was absolutely silent with less than 10 people when i went there after class. A-levels are having their semester break and all the seniors have gone. Tigress said that was because A-levels are more rajin than SAM. yeah right. =.= that was actually A-levels have seniors.

in semester 2 now. this time last year, me n friends were preparing for sport's day. hah. i miss those times when i can shout n laugh n run n cheer n happy! but here in college i rarely have time to do some sports. stamina definitely has dropped to zero. nevertheless i'm still slacking n fooling around.

i never knew that you will remember everything so well.
i was speechless when you asked me what are the things that i still remember.
i wish i can tell you i remember how you treat me. 
you are too good for me.
that time you knew yet you still dont hate me.
you told me that i left beautiful memories in your life.
im honoured.
and yet im guilty.