day 12 : Who is your hero? What have they done for you?

Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 5:22 PM | (0) comment/s

i think a hero is someone that is close to you and had helped you through out any problems that u have faced. but honestly, i don't have any specific hero. in fact. i have a few.
one of them is my cousin. he is one of those people that i always will look up for when i need some advises. he is one of the people that i always listened to and always follow his guide. he is my hero, and he is also my mentor. he taught me how to be a woman. i think without all his influence, teachings, and experience, i would not be where i am today and who i am today. perhaps i would still struggling in science thinking that science fields are always the best one. and do not know what my future is or what i want for my future.

another hero in my life would be my aunt. i was a damn bastard before i went to staying at her house. she is the one that nag me (even though i hate that), scold me, and teach me how to be a woman. she is the one that shape my character to what i am today. without her, I'm still the kind of person that most people will hate tho.

my mom is another hero. she taught me that nothing comes easy. we need hard work to achieve what we want. she works around the clock every day. she also taught me to be patience all the time. i was and i think now sometimes I'm still impatience towards anything.

of course there are some others that are also my hero. but three of them play the most significant role in my life.