day 15 : Thoughts on drugs/alcohol.

Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 5:23 PM | (0) comment/s

drugs and alcohol are always link together. every one has different perceptive view on drugs and alcohol. bust mostly they have the same negative thoughts on them.
Drugs alone is actually helping human being to have better life. it helps to cure some illness. but human tend to misuse and abuse the function of drugs. alcohol is a fermented drink that actually good for our health. however, human's greediness make it becomes a sort of drink that is harmful and bad to human. i dont really have any negative perspective view on people that drink alcohol. however, if they get drunk almost every week, i tend to think they just wasted their money and health. they abused themselves tho. those people who get into drugs really dunno what kind of danger they are putting themselves into. they can lose their future and their dream. in my point of view, those people who get into drugs are people who just want to run away from the problem that they are facing. they are timid to responsible to whatever the life brings them into. they just escape to the leisure of drugs which is like a hell. personally, i didnt have close friends that involve in drugs and i didnt have direct connection to the people that involve in drugs. so basically, that's the image or thoughts on drugs/alcohol from my perspective.