day 16 : Write a letter to the person you like / boyfriend / girlfriend / ex.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 5:23 PM | (0) comment/s

dear crush,
i like the way you smile when you caught me looking at you. i like the way you laugh happily with your friends even over something ridiculous. i like how the way you balance your life with good academic result and sports. i also like the way you socialize with people around you. you give advice to those who needs it. sometimes you even just lent your ears for those who need it. i admire your confidence when u walk and talk in every situation. you have your own charm that attracts many eyes to look at you either when you talk, walk or just smile.

that time when i saw you in the library between shelves of books, looking serious, flipping through the pages. i had this urge to talk to you. since you are always surrounded by your friends, and i am shy, so i wanted to grab this chance to have a conversation with you. but i was just too afraid. in fact, i just didnt want to disturb you. i tried hard to get a chance to talk to you. finally, i get this idea to write to you. i hope you dont feel im stalking you. LOL. hahahaha.. i really hope i can be friend with you first. =)

and if you want to talk to me. please dont approach me when many people are around you. :p i will run away. hahaha... thanks for reading this letter until here. :) have a good day.

Florence W